Thursday, June 3, 2010

Soul Therapist

I have often referred to myself as a Soul Therapist and for those of you whom I have worked with on intense issues I believe that you know the reason why. I have the ability to take you on a journey where you connect with your soul; you may wander into a past life as we work together to release an issue that may be so ingrained that it just sticks to every part of you. I beleive that all issues are adhered with velcro and are just like the choices that we make, we change our minds and keep the change, for the moment anyway, because we can always make different choices at any time. Our issues came into being because of choices that we have made and for some reason we think the choice to be a final one and it is that thought that keeps us stuck in dys-functional issues. I encourage all those I work with to be kind to themselves, treat themself as they would their own children with love, respect and kindness as this is the language of the Soul.

The work/playshop "Mask of the Sacred Shadow Self" is a creative venutre into communicating with the Soul and honoring oneself on that level. I invite you to read on as we expolore the reasons why this Work/playshop will serve you on your journey.

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  1. Hi Embers,

    I've really enjoyed speaking with you on several occasions when I have had the pleasure to do so. I find you to be very insightful and kind - a very good and loving person and it is nice to know you! My daughter also really enjoyed playing with your grand-daughter at a concert that we both attended in 2006 and it was wonderful to watch them play tag and just have fun on a beautiful day outdoors. I am a very devout and practicing Catholic so I don't normally ever go to anybody for "readings" but I did get a reading from you one time many years ago when I first met you at a concert and I found you to be very insightful. I am generally antithetical to any "readings" but I found your presence to be very warm and healing and I wanted to find out more about your healing work and I found that it was nice speaking with you and that you were insightful and that what you said rang true. And when I met you another time in Gibsons in 2008 after having lost my job and my main source of income perhaps largely due to the economic crisis, you encouraged me to organize public seminars and do what I know I am called to do which is public education about health and teaching about the love of Christ and so you gave me good advice. Nobody could ask for more than that so I thank you! Big hugs and much love! Suzanne D.